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Voopoo Demon RDA or iJoy Combo RDTA 2 will be better for Voopoo Drag 157w?

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Postitatud 09 August 2017 - 10:58

Voopoo Drag 157w mod powered by the newly emerged Gene chip not only has multiple functions but is also convenient for operation. You can hardly feel ignition delay with this box mod. Vapers who like violent output will like the the SUPER mode very much. To some new vapers, the operation can be pretty simple. To the experienced vapers, it will bring much of fun with the customization mode and its up-gradable firmware. And there are 6 colors you can choose. It’s only $45.69 and free shipping on Urvapin, get it via this link: Voopoo Drag 157W.
Voopoo cig also released a RDA named Demon which comes with 2 leak-free filling methods - Bidirectional oiling - you can either fill the tank from the top or form the bottom filling ports, very easy to use. Only $21.69 and free shipping on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Voopoo Demon RDA.
If you’re looking for a tank which provides huge vapor production and hassle free refilling, then iJoy combo RDTA 2 will the one. It is designed to meet the demands of the modern vaping area and all users. Presenting a highly functional system with good-quality machining and manufacturing,. It’s on sale, $29.69 and free shipping, get it through this link: IJOY Combo RDTA 2
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smoant charon 218w $45.99 and Free Shipping
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WOTOFO SERPENT SMM $32.99 and Free Shipping
wismec rx gen3 $49.89 and Free Shipping

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