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  1. Hi, thank you for your interest on our innovation! My name is Julien, CTO at Enovap. Following your comments on Enovap, here is a little more information to clarify some questions some of you had: 1 – MANUAL MODE VS AUTOMATIC MODE HIT CONTROL was invented by Enovap to allow vapers have a better control on their nicotine consumption. Have you never wanted to have a lower or higher HIT at a certain time of the day? We made that instantly. As it is important to manage well nicotine, this technology could also be interesting while trying to quit regular tobacco, as our nicotine needs change during the day. Don’t you think this is a smarter way to manage you consumption? If you want, you can activate automatic mode, and the device is able to anticipate you needs depending on your consumption history. You can then; custom your delivery or decrease thanks’ to the app. IF YOU WANT IT. 2 – The technology is composed of 2 tanks, each one contains a e-liquid of your choice. Ideally, the 2 juices have the same PG/VG % to keep same vaporizing properties and insure accuracy of the nicotine concentration delivered. You don’t have to separate flavors or nicotine or whatever else I’ve seen on other blogs, both tanks can contain flavor, the same or different. Yes, I see your question coming: Is it possible to do FLAVOR MIXING? YES! We’ll release a new firmware for this application in the future. Concerning the capacity, depending on the application of the TPD, each tank will be either 3,5 mL or 2mL if imposed by regulation. 3 – Enovap DOES NOT use prefilled caps, you use your own juice. 4 – As we wanted to do an OPEN SYSTEM, the first Enovap is compatible with Kangertech coils that you can find easily worldwide. In a close future, you will be able to use other kind of coils and even RBA, just give us the time to innovate! 5 – What is the connected app for? - Track your consumption - Let you analyze it - Custom your nicotine delivery (Automatic mode) - Interact with a community, ask for tips, get advices from experts, a vape social media actually. 6 – We are 6 ENGINEERS, passionate VAPERS, who want to bring INNOVATION to our market and show that vaping is a solution to quit tobacco. This is a harm reduction approach from the beginning of the idea. Here is the TOP comment on reddit (44 ups) from tube_of_meat IG:@memralph « I won't speculate on how well this device works. However, I think there is something really neat going on here. It's a 50 watt device that is GEARED towards getting you to quit smoking all together. The entire idea/design is meant to ween you off nicotine, and hopefully cut cigarettes out of your life. This is a device meant for harm reduction from the beginning. I think this is great that some companies haven't lost sight of that. “ If you need more information: www.enovap.com To pre-order you Enovap: https://www.wellfundr.com/en/enovap Our youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpzviwLU3bo You want to contact me/us personally? Go on, I will be pleased to answer your questions: shoot us an email at [email protected] !
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