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Uus paak turul, kellele ei sobi tulevane 2ML eurodirektiiv :)



The 40mm Mason Dumptank RTA from Vapergate. Built with both flavor and production in mind, the Dumptank offers a continually variable air flow control for completely closed off to a wide open draw. The Channeled juice holes allow the builder to position the wick without fear of the bell cap dislodging them. A generous 30mm deck offers plenty of space for anything from simple to advanced builds. Recommended build specs are 4mm-4.5mm or 5/32-11/64 coil diameter with medium snug wicking tension for best reesults. 

17+ ml eliquid capacity
30mm build deck
Standard 2 post design
Easy access spin top for filling
Stop pin for AFC control
Channeled juice wells












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Ok, väike möödapanek  :)


Aga andke siis teada, kui keegi selle monstrumi ostab. Kui just tavapärast coili 2 korda pikemaks ei venita, siis alla 100w ei tasu üritadagi.

Mis tähendab omakorda, et 17ml paak, mis hetkel kestab terve päeva, ei kesta kindlasti terve päeva (kindlasti oleneb ka kasutajast)

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