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Italy: Major Player in new coalition Gov't promises to role back taxes on vapes

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Government proposal leaves markets gasping -- and Italians vaping


The parties’ 57-page “contract”, which is supposed to underpin a new coalition government, includes two lines promising to lower levies on smokeless cigarettes to the benefit of Italy’s 2 million e-smokers, and a business worth 350 million euros ($400 million) a year.

“Out with the tax on electronic cigarettes!” League leader Matteo Salvini said earlier this week in a video streamed on Facebook, before the program had been finalised.

Salvini recently gave up smoking regular cigarettes, though he also has complained that he should not have tried to quit during the stressful government negotiations.

Current taxation has doubled the cost of liquid refills for so-called vape pens to as much as 9 euros, an industry source told Reuters.

“The League listened to us,” said Gianluca Giorgetti, a supporter of the far-right party who owns Svapoart, a producer of liquids for electronic cigarettes. “Now this unjust tax must be eliminated.”

Allikas - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-italy-politics-ecigarettes/government-proposal-leaves-markets-gasping-and-italians-vaping-idUSKCN1IJ252

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