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Vamo V6 (20w)

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- Powerful appearance, OLED screen  

- Adjustable voltage(3.0, 3.1...6.0V) and Wattage(3.0, 3.5, 4.0...20W).  

- Built in short circuit protection and over current protection system.  

- Display atomizer resistance & battery level  

- Compatible with all the eGo & 510 thread atomizer & cartomizer, fit 18650/18350 battery 




Discount Price: € 31,70 Free Shippingto Estonia via China Post Air Mail


Packing Content: 

1* Vamo V6 main body  

1* output charger adapter  

1* manual  

1* gift box  

Add Extension Tube  


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Vamo v6 (E-HOLLY) mod 




• 20w and 35w models with the SX200 and SX350 chips.

• Variable Wattage between 7w and 20w or 7w and 35w depending on the model.

• Minimum resistance states it will go down to .5 ohms and doesn’t indicate the upper limit, but we can assume it’s 3 ohms.

• The chip has short protection, reverse battery protection, and high temperature protection.

• The display monitors voltage, resistance, battery power percent, and power.

• Works with 18350 or 18650 tubes. It doesn’t indicate if they both come with the unit


Based on the pricing, we can expect this to sell at a low end of $79.99 up to $109.99

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E-thinker Vamo 25 / Vamo 35



Output power:7-25W

Atomizer resistance:0.3-3ohms

Diameter: 22.5mm


Price: € 28,30 / piece



Output power:7-35W

Atomizer resistance:0.3-3ohms

Input Voltage:3.2-3.7-4.3V

Diameter: 22.5mm


Price: € 33,02 / piece





Diameetri suutsid nad 0,5mm ikka ära s*****a :(

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Eile saabus Hiinamaalt vamo 25. Esmased muljed- 

Väljanägemiselt nagu Vamo ikka, keermed käivad natuke kergelt uue kohta, nö. pin ehk pluss clearo all vedruga mis küllaltki pehme.

Täna toimetanud peaaegu korralikult välja arvatud paar korda nö.,,külma,, mahvi. Uuesti nupule vajutades toimib jälle edukalt.

Eile lülitas end paar- kolm korda lambist välja, täna mitte Otsas russian 91- 1,4 oomi.

Google tõlkega proovinud tõlkida Fasttechi lehelt inglist, mis jääb kuidagi...?

Muidu rahul. 

Kui keegi teab rohkem, võiks teada anda.

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