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Vingun, et lemmikloomade ravi on kõvasti ülehinnatud.

Vales kohas ja vale asja neelamine läks kurjamoodi kalliks.

Ja seda ainult korraks tagaukses surkimise eest.

Väike röntgen ka igaks juhuks.

Et tohtor teaks, kustkaudu sisse minna. :|

selle jaoks on kindlustus.

Aga jah, yhe opi eest sai viimati 600€ makstud, sest krd kont käi kinni soolikatesse. Enam konte ei saa yxki koer. Nyyd kõigil kindlustus

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Neil pole seal EU-s midagi ikka teha ma vaatan : http://www.all4shooters.com/en/articles ... d-gun-ban/


A ban on private ownership of all semi-automatic firearms, even when not military-style: all of them, pistols, rifles and shotguns, centerfire or rimfire.

Declare magazines and other components as "fundamental parts", making them available only to licensed gun owners, contradicting the

2008/51/CE directive.

Capacity limitation for all magazines (without further specifications).

Limitation, by type and quantity, of ammunition that can be purchased and detained by private citizens.

A ban on Internet sales of firearms and ammunition.

A ban on the sale of decorative, parade, or ceremonial guns and reproductions. :shock:

Restrictions to Airsoft trade and ownership, if not an outright ban. :shock:

Imposing mandatory biometric protections on privately-owned firearms

Imposing centralized storage for firearms, forbidding citizens to keep them at hom


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